The Illusion of Inclusion

What IS “Crazy” is…

The prevalence of “Misguided Diversity Programs

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Roadblocks deterring successful inclusion…

1. Diversity Programs Lack Comprehensive Inclusion Initiatives man with keys gray

2. Disclosure is too risky for most man with keys gray

3. The ADA reinforces stigma and disability man with keys gray

4. Labels – inconsistency, generalization, and identity man with keys gray

5. Conflicting Campaigns Reinforce Stigma man with keys gray

6. “Unconscious Bias” needs to be addressed man with keys gray

7. Trainers Lack Expertise – One size does NOT fit all man with keys gray

8. Adults with Disorders may require Social Skill Remediation man with keys gray

9. Integration of psychologists is necessary to ensure discrete
“SUPPORTED” employment

man with keys gray

10. Affordable Healthcare is NOT affordable for many man with keys gray

11. Discrimination is inherent in Supported Employment man with keys gray

12. The façade of Philanthropy – Driven by ROI and profit man with keys gray


Be Counted!  Illuminate Mental Diversity at Work.
There is safety (AND strength) in numbers. “All for one, and one for all.”

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© October 2015


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