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Education, Communication, Respect

The following resources can be used to guide employers, human resource professionals, managers, and colleagues, along with the employees who struggle with mental disorders. The links lead to a range of topics including: best practices for inclusion; the complex issue of disclosure; invisible challenges of individual disorders; and suggestions pertaining to reasonable accommodations.

Several of the articles address the impact of today’s high speed, stressful, information overloaded workplace on the productivity and emotional well being of ALL employees. 

The search bar (accessed by clicking the magnifying glass toward the upper right corner of the screen) can help you proactively explore specific topics of interest.

Musings (Blogs)

Stigma & Labels
Disclosure and Accommodations
Training and Development
  • Smarter Together: Emotional Intelligence with Diversity Inclusion – Since Daniel Goleman published Emotional Intelligence, this concept has helped us appreciate the multiple types of intelligence, and recognize EQ is actually a better predictor of success than cognitive intelligence. Long-term effectiveness requires interacting with others, building relationships, promoting collaboration and having the requisite resilience to deal with the inevitable obstacles that occur. ASTD – ATD (Association for Talent Development). ß
  • Building a Productive Learning Culture -Organizations must shift their emphasis from learning participation to learning productivity. They need to build a productive learning culture. ASTD – ATD (Association for Talent Development). ß
What Employers and Politicians Need to Know
Tools for Employee Success
Creativity and Mental Illness
Personal Stories of Success and Inspiration

Be Counted!  Illuminate Mental Diversity at Work.
There is safety (AND strength) in numbers. “All for one, and one for all.”

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