Ethical Concerns

Doctors and Providers

In addition to the stigma individuals with mental illness face socially within the workplace; there are external challenges, which interfere with the ability to maintain healthy, happy, and productive lives…even when they are being treated properly for a mental illness.

The New York Times Sunday Review article, entitled When Doctors Discriminate, revealed that at least 14 studies have shown patients with a serious mental illness receive worse medical care than “normal” people.  In fact, The World Health Organization called the stigma and discrimination endured by people with mental health conditions “a hidden human rights emergency.”

Employers often ask individuals to have physical exams prior to beginning work with a new organization, and in some cases employees are required to continue having check ups on an annual basis.  Unfortunately, some doctors consider it to be unethical to leave mental health conditions out of written evaluations, and others are not comfortable with the request to permit a box for mental illness to remain unchecked on forms provided by employers; regardless of the facts that the information is protected by HIPPA, and the fact that the ADA advocates an individual’s right to choose whether or not to disclose a disability.  This presents just one more challenge for those who have had (in the past), or are currently managing a mental illness.


Be Counted!  Illuminate Mental Diversity at Work.
There is safety (AND strength) in numbers. “All for one, and one for all.”

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