Never say Never

How many times have you thought…

“That could NEVER happen to me,”


“I would NEVER do that?”

As children, we have an idealistic view of the world, and some people are lucky enough to hold on to that perspective for quite some time, unscathed. But as time goes on, and we experience life’s ups and downs, we eventually discover our magical thinking…is just an illusion, and that, like our neighbors, we are human.

   how we see ourselves

I Thought I Wasn’t the ‘Kind of Person’ to Get Depressed – Read what Carol Stewart has to say about coming to terms with mental illness. According to Carol, “Anxiety and depression are not unique, but the stigma and shame are alive and well, often self-imposed. We are everywhere. If you dip your toe into the scary sea and start talking about it others will probably talk back, and you will realize you’re anything but alone.”

It can happen to anybody…even YOU!

I will NEVER get divorced.                                I will NEVER smoke a cigarette.
I will NEVER call in sick, when I’m not.       I will NEVER get cancer.
I will NEVER have a car accident.                  I will NEVER lie to my best friend.
I will NEVER cheat on a test.                           I will NEVER drink too much.
I will NEVER overeat.                                          I will NEVER get fat.
I will NEVER have unprotected sex.             I will NEVER eat junk food.
I will NEVER screen my phone calls.            I will NEVER speed.
I will NEVER hurt someone’s feelings.        I will NEVER get mugged.
I will NEVER wish I could fire my boss.       I will NEVER wish I could punch a coworker.
I will NEVER lose my teeth.                              I will NEVER get fired from a job.
I will NEVER hit my children.                           I will NEVER cheat on my spouse.
I will NEVER let my car run out of gas.        I will NEVER lose money in the stock market.
I will NEVER get Multiple Sclerosis.              I will NEVER get Parkinson’s Disease.
I will NEVER take drugs.                                    I will NEVER get hurt playing sports.
I will NEVER stop working.                               I will NEVER need a psychiatrist.
I will NEVER be depressed.                               I will NEVER miss an annual physical.
I will NEVER wish my life would end.           I will NEVER commit suicide.
I will NEVER apply for SSDI.                             I will NEVER have a mental illness.

The MOST Hurtful Words are
      Snap OUT of “It”…

  • Can you SNAP OUT OF the hick-ups?…
  • Can a diabetic SNAP ON the production of insulin within his/her body?
  • Can a person with allergies SNAP OFF a sneezing frenzy?
  • Can a person with the flu SNAP a fever AWAY?
  • Can an epileptic SNAP OFF a seizure before snapping a body part?
  • Can an individual with Tourette’s SNAP OFF exhausting ticks?
  • Can a person with Alzheimer’s SNAP his/her memory BACK to last week?
  • Can a person suffering with depression “SNAP OUT of it?”

Mental “disorders” are caused by physical differences in the brain.
A positive perspective may reduce their impact, but it will not make the disorders GO AWAY.

THINK! Don’t Judge.

Be Counted!  Illuminate Mental Diversity at Work.
There is safety (AND strength) in numbers. “All for one, and one for all.”

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© October 2015


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