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Creative Minds – Come Out to Eliminate Stigma

Whether an individual is a celebrity in the media, at work, at home…or simply a celebrity in his or her own right, every individual deserves to be honored.  Those who are in the media often lead the way, because it is generally “safer” for them to do so…at least from a financial perspective.  Their voices tend to impact the public much more significantly than those whose achievements are less recognizable.

Our ultimate goal is to include all who wish, and deserve to be recognized for their achievements…despite the challenges and frustrations the face living with a mental disorder.  In order to maximize the success of our campaign to end the stigma of mental “illness,” we will begin by presenting those most widely recognized.



Musings (Blogs)

The Current Cast of Characters

Please share links to public information regarding other celebrities, who have personally “come out,” that we have not included to date.  Current Cast of Characters

Be Counted!  Illuminate Mental Diversity at Work.
There is safety (AND strength) in numbers. “All for one, and one for all.”

Suggestions, feedback, comments, and questions welcomed at MindingDiversity@aol.com

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